CinTa MeKar Di HaTi...

Assalamualaikum..alright,, the 1st noVel in tHis page iS.. :::


sebuah karya Rose Harissa..=) 

it is about the love story between Tengku Ady Rafizal and Nur Fasha.. Ady is a handsome and rich man but he left all his wealthy just because he didn't want to get married with her mother's choice, Tengku Alis Marina. Ady worked as a waiter at Rempah Ratus Restaurant, the place he met wit Fasha. Fasha is an orphan and stayed with her friends in a rented house. After 2 months, Ady decided to marry with Fasha. Unfortunately, his mother, Tengku Kamsiah disagreed when she finally discovered about her son, wedding. Ady and Fasha were happy with their marriage, but the happiness is not longer when Fasha suddenly kidnapped........

you can continue reading this wonderful novel published by Alaf21 only with rm19.90..=)
thank you..=)))

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